• People

    At the centre of any business that provides personalised service are the people who interact with their clients and guests – your employees. Whether you call them Ladies & Gentlemen, Team Members, Associates, Service Ambassadors or simply Staff, the human assets of your company, their talents, their skills, their capabilities and most of all the dedication they bring to your table, need to be consciously and carefully fostered.

    All of the services listed under PEOPLE are aimed at striking the fine balance between responsibilities and entitlements of your employees in a working environment that takes their individual priorities and ambitions into consideration, just as much as it does your corporate objectives and needs. 

    Through our network, we have access to top performers and talented young Singaporean professionals who will one day carry their industry to higher levels. By matching them with the right mentor and by opening doors for them to thrive in an environment where they may realise their potential, we contribute to stabilising the rampant employee turnover the hospitality industry experiences today.
    Arguably as important as the Guest Experience Design is the experience your team has when they spend long hours delivering your vision and mission to your company’s customers. We specialise in creating a working environment where going the extra mile is just the first step!
    We assist you in finding the right talent with the matching competencies to manage or lead your business, so that you can look forward to spending time answering bigger questions.
    We partner with experts in Talent Management that help you understand your team better and that help you assign any job task to the most suitable person.
    Even the best employees cannot deliver their potential if the relationship with their superior is strained by a behavioural mismatch. For this reason CIR | VIS helps you assesses the hierarchy and reporting lines one level up and two levels down in your recruitment process before submitting our recommendation.
    We seamlessly integrate job descriptions, performance appraisals and training plans. This way expectations are clear and working together becomes much less of a guessing game.
    We believe in career progression based on experience, merit and drive for excellence. However, in order to take someone to the next level of performance it takes a framework of mentorship and enrichment – which is what we can build for you!
    Based on your processes and service objectives, we build customised training manuals that contain training material, verbiage libraries, and quizzes to analyse the level of knowledge transfer.
    Based on your most current guest satisfaction surveys and customer feedback, we design OJT sessions and OJT calendars that are easy and flexible to implement.
    If you have existing training material that you would like to take to the next level to further define your signature services and products, we show you how to establish your operations training as a competitive advantage.
    There is a direct correlation between employee training and customer satisfaction. To make the training delivery meaningful and effective, CIR | VIS applies a proven methodology that combines classroom training material, self-studies and peer-to-peer training for the hospitality industry. Whether you require a training framework, individual training modules or the entire suite of training resources – we can develop them with you.
    Haven’t been on a vacation in a long time? Need to bridge the transition period between incumbent manager and new hire? An Interim Manager might just be what you are looking for.
    This is a competitive trade and F&B professionals love to win! So if you need resources and guidance in preparing for the next national or international industry competition, we are right there at your side!

  • Process

    Every Process needs a System, and every System needs an Audit. As your company evolves and trends change, the chain of task successions needs to be adjusted, trimmed and accelerated – all in the interest of maintaining operational simplicity and responsiveness to your guests.

    CIR | VIS takes on the responsibility of managing the structure and processes that enable your company’s talented professionals to spend their time doing what you hired them for – Hospitality & Service.

    The beauty and success of processes usually lies in their simplicity. Unfortunately, as businesses grow, the work processes usually get more and more complex. We are experts in trimming down your corporate Body Mass Index, while you continue to concentrate on sales and the operation.
    As opposed to their reputation, Innovation or Change Management can be fun, inspiring and invigorating for your team. We help you to build a solid company culture that captures your internal and external customers attention, in combination with finding suitable and scalable technology solutions to automate repetitive processes.
    Policies and Guidelines need to live up their name; they need to police and guide. We craft such documents in a way that makes them come alive! Suddenly you will realise that your teams truly understand what is expected of them and what your brand stands for.
    The times of dusty ring folders filled with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are over! Welcome to the age of operating manuals that are comprehensive, easy to use and always up-to-date.
    Can you identify with a stressful annual budgeting phase during which everything has to happen at the same time? We know that the most successful budget process is the one that you hardly notice. So we have developed a methodology that allows any company to review, analyse, design, project and implement their quarterly and annual plans while everything else is ‘business as usual’.
    Not sure if you are getting the best out of your office space, your staff roster, your production kitchen or your sales team? Allow us to take a closer look and to aim for getting 101% out of your resources.
    Do you have to manually re-enter numerical data from one system into the other? Are two or three of your property management systems capable of doing the same thing? Do your most loyal customers have multiple profiles in your database? We assist you to harmonise your systems so that any data has one correct and reliable source.
    A missed opportunity to impress is a lost opportunity, and the best planning cannot anticipate all the scenarios and exceptions! CIR | VIS creates and facilitates training environments that truly prepare your teams for the opening day of your operation.
    When your customers give you constructive feedback or your brand name ends up on a review website there is no need to question your entire service concept. It is mostly a reminder to keep your service cycle crisp and relevant to current demands. We have the expertise and the resources to give you a clearer picture and to help you spend time and effort where they are most effective.
    Quality needs processes, processes need systems, and systems need audits. We assess your business based on your own quality standards and your brand promise.
    For you, we put ourselves into your customers’ shoes and tell you how we felt about it. We also help you in keeping your teams honest with wastage and pilferage audits, probes on cash or credit theft, as well as testing for loyalty programme fraud.

  • Profit

    The culmination of putting processes and people to work is your business’ profitability and its cash flow. We are specialists in identifying where your variable operating expenses are put to their best use to increase financial flow through, and where your fixed costs can result in higher yield.

    There is more meaning to the popular phrase of ‘not working harder, but working smarter’ than most hospitality professionals realise. When it comes to productivity growth, technology can only do so much in a trade that relies mostly on emotional intelligence and human interactions – so CIR | VIS has developed the SMART AIM™ methodology. With SMART AIM™ you will harvest the best of your team’s productivity potential and leave the mundane processes to automation.
    We help you with setting the right priorities to improve your income statement, your cash flow and your inventory management.
    CIR | VIS can elevate the financial understanding of your junior department heads that allows them to make prudent business decisions and take full responsibility of their revenue centres.
    We facilitate budget processes, forecasts and other financial projections by finding a scalable and balanced path that considers both the ambitions of the owners and shareholders, as well as the more moderate paradigms of the operational management.
    Financial statements need to be customised to the type of business, to the information needed to make well-informed decisions, and to ensure that data is accurate and consistent. We advise on how these financial statements become part of the fundamental pillars of business intelligence tools and business continuity management.
    Change is inevitable – and when it is in the right hands and management, change is good! CIR | VIS provides change management expertise and methodologies that enable your team to adopt and embrace an improved corporate culture without the anxiety for the unknown.

  • Product

    We understand that simply selling a product or a service will not set you apart from your competition – you want to sell an experience! So we carve out your brand’s distinctive characteristics and design emotional value-add that creates long-lasting memories.

    Our speciality is the holistic design of the guest experience your customers encounter during their entire emotional relationship with your brand. The design focuses on positive and memorable moments of truth rather than standard operating procedures.
    You have the capital, the passion and the vision to enrich other people’s lives with your own F&B or hospitality concept? We provide the know-how that turns your vision into reality – personalised and customised to the last detail.
    A style, a concept or a theme has to be aligned with a single objective or a brand DNA. We ask the right questions and provide you with recommendations that make a concept robust.
    Whether you want to purchase or launch an F&B idea; we help you to assess and analyse the scalability and sustainability of that idea. Your conviction is a good start, but our candid assessment and prudence mitigates the hidden risks of your investment
    Pilot projects, trends and theories are an organic part of innovation and progress. We look at the ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ to help you keep up with trends, fashions and industry news.
    Have you had an idea that has matured inside your head? We help you to put it on paper and to communicate it in a way that gets investors, licensing bodies and business partners just as excited as you are!
    We have extensive project management experience – restaurants, bars, kitchens, hotels, boutique and mass events, clubs and lounges. We deliver projects on time, on budget and above expected quality standards.
    You need someone to be on-site and hands-on with your contractors and suppliers. We help with the ID, the fitting, installation and commissioning of your outlet.
    Food, beverage, cigar, retail or services menus are the business card of a hospitality brand. We design, develop and produce menus that are scaled to your guests and your concept, and that make sense in terms of your team’s competence, your inventory management and most importantly your cash flow.
    Do you have the feeling that you are paying too much for your raw products, ingredients and guest supplies? You are probably right. We assist you in structuring and streamlining your supply chain management to get the right quality and the best price for your business.
    Inventions come with trials and errors, whereas innovation builds on improving proven methods. We facilitate and stimulate product innovation by guiding you to truly think outside of the box and to refresh your products without reinventing the wheel!
    In the awesome world of F&B and hospitality there are myriads of best practice proclamations. But how do you know whether they can be adapted in your business? CIR | VIS recommends and helps you integrate those best practices that are applicable to your operation.
    We know from experience how tough it can be to take a dive into the world of entrepreneurship. Just when you feel there is nobody out there to offer advice and a helping hand, we are just a phone call away to share our experience and our network of professionals that give you the best fighting chance to build your future business from scratch.

  • Profile

    Because perception is mostly considered reality, CIR|VIS supports you to put your business’ best foot forward. Simultaneously, we teach you how to maintain a 360-degree view of your industry segment, your key competitors, and your market position.

    We have the resources to let your guests come into contact with your brand on four dimensions!CIR | VIS orchestrates an experience of music and natural sounds, scents and aromas, light effects and customer service that will leave your guests longing for more long after they have left your outlet.
    We have the resources to let your guests come into contact with your brand on four dimensions!
    We find the facts and the business indicators to make robust and custom-made recommendations for your business to thrive and to exploit competitive advantages.
    Whether you would like to improve your operation and individual processes in the short term, or whether you are aiming for stimulants to drive innovation on a bigger scale, CIR | VIS finds the most suitable targets and partners for you and guides you through the project.
    We can be engaged to embark on primary and secondary research using our extensive domain knowledge and third-party resources to provide you with the quantitative and qualitative analysis you are looking for to understand you customers, competitors and the marketplace better.
    Our local, regional and global network allows for sheer endless opportunities to connect you and your business with industry players and valuable resources from all over the world.

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