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  • Hotels

    With such a mass of appointments, meetings and administrative duties cluttering their calendars, owners and management of hotels struggle to find the time and focus to be there for their guests and employees. However, the distractions that lead to very common last minute meetings, delayed appointments, rushed interviews, unmet deadlines and hastily compiled reports are merely the results of wrongly set priorities, a lack of cohesion and inconsequential planning. 

    CIR | VIS assists and guides you as local, regional and global hotel companies to shake off these distractions by strengthening your processes and administrative framework – this way, you and your team can once again enjoy delivering extraordinary experiences to your guest and your employees. And who knows…maybe you will even be able to switch off your mobile phone and email during your long-awaited vacation! 

  • Restaurants

    As it is, you probably have enough work on your plate with trying to stay ahead of your F&B-savvy guests, anxiously considering how to balance next week’s staff roster and worrying about when the next notice of a rental increase will be in your mailbox. The last thing you have time to deal with is all of the time-consuming work required to get your back-of-house sorted out and to plan ahead.

    We know – and we have all of the right resources to take that load off your shoulders!

    As chef/owner, general manager and Maître D’ you should do what you are best at doing: taking care of your guests. In the meantime, we will translate your needs into robust processes and a solid framework of back-end management tools that will take a fraction of time for you to use in the future.


  • Airlines

    CIR | VIS provides Added Value Innovation and enhances the synergies along the aviation industry’s value chain. We achieve an intricate balance between highly regulated, industry specific processes and the ever-growing demand of personalised hospitality towards passengers on the ground and in the air. 

  • Retail Groups

    In Singapore and the region, errands and shopping are not only an obligation – ‘retail therapy’ has long established itself as a lifestyle and national pastime.

    However, the opportunity of creating brand value and incremental revenue through exceptional customer services is seldom seized.

    How often have you heard a retail assistant saying ‘out of stock’ without going through the effort of checking availability or providing you with an alternative?

    How many times have you called customer service hotlines only to find yourself ending the call with more unanswered questions than before?

    CIR | VIS helps your retail business take simple and powerful steps to meet customer expectations and to grow your business through the power of positive word-of-mouth!


  • Investment Groups

    To make sure your capital investment into new markets stands the best chance of success, CIR | VIS offers the full suite of services to establish your business – from a basic market survey to a comprehensive turnkey solution. 

  • Franchises

    When you are planning to set up your business in Singapore, you need competent, well-connected and resourceful partner. From licenses to ingredient sourcing all the way to your product launch, CIR | VIS takes care of the local requirements while you can fully focus on your brand value and corporate DNA. 

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