Our Brand

CIR | VIS was created to improve guest experiences and staff productivity in the hospitality and service industry in Singapore and the surrounding region.

In an industry where effectiveness and efficiency are vital to success, where originality and innovation are fundamental drivers, establishing a strategic and tactical advantage whether through best practices, systems, technology or perhaps, most significantly the importance of people, has never been more essential.

CIR | VIS covers all facets of the hospitality, food and beverage business, and in only that business our focus is our specialty. Our expertise at all levels of hospitality management, consulting, developing powerful brands and crafting outstanding designs, provides us with the advantage we experience today and the advantage your business requires to become an integral player in the hospitality industry. 

The experience and expertise that developed one of the best reputations in the hospitality, food and beverage industry is now available to your organisation.
CIR | VIS specialises in a comprehensive range of hospitality competencies and understands the importance of a proficient team. Our consulting firm can assist in the planning, research, development and operations of your hospitality venture. With our proven techniques we will help you uncover the hidden revenue potential of your restaurant or hotel.

Our Logo

Elements – simplicity, versatility and beauty of a square as foundation. With energy and confidence radiating from the bold orange play on words of ‘service’ at the centre of the logo. A crucial aptitude of any hospitality professional being ‘circular vision’ abbreviated and merged into the company name. A pair of subtle greyish-silver square brackets enclosing the company name in a symmetric framework with rigid parallel and perpendicular lines, yet leaving ample space at the top to enable ‘out of the box thinking’. This innovative and creative thinking paradigm is again incorporated as International Phonetic Alphabet, representing the global relevance and ambition of the brand.

Our Challenge

While the overall labour productivity across industries in Singapore in Q3 2013 has gained 1.6% (versus Q3 2012), the Accommodation & Food sector had to struggle with a loss in productivity of 1.9% in the same period (Source: Ministry of Trade and Industry). This makes expansion plans, growth opportunities and especially staff development extremely challenging and costly for owners and operators.

In the front-of-the-house, the pressure to show revenue growth to justify rising labour costs widens the gap between the quality of guest experiences and the prices that need to be paid for them; while in the heart-of-the-house the employees struggle to maintain efficient processes to support their colleagues in the front. The inevitable and obvious result is staff turnover, deterioration of systems and processes, confusion in responsibilities and delegation of authority, and ultimately – company KPI’s are not met.

Technology adaptation to improve productivity works well in many industry sectors where automation drives output; however, in the hospitality and service industry where personal interactions and motivated employees are the single-most important factor in succeeding, productivity increase through technology is limited and any misguided efforts even lead to diverting attention away from the guest.

CIR | VIS addresses the above challenges with effective measures on five levels: Innovation Management, Guest Experience Design, Process Simplification, Productivity Enhancement and Young Talent Management. We build on current strengths and brand values to put the expertise of existing human capital to the most effective use in the customer service cycle. We observe human interactions and analyse processes from multiple paradigms to then identify the most positive focus in each moment of truth. Knowledge base training and skills development based on the company’s value proposition and customer feedback ensure that employees stay in touch with professional tradition and reality.

While other consultants merely provide touch-and-go services with short-term superficial initiatives, we eliminate challenges from the source and establish scalable, organic systems based on productive processes that are easy to audit and to correct. The objective of engaging our services is a professional collaboration in which the operator can focus on mission and vision, while we provide the tools and processes that maximise value for stakeholders, guests and employees.